What our customers have to say


“We began our company in 1981, Pallet Machinery Group has been the backbone of our growth. Since partnering with PMG we have achieved production daily. The employees are able to understand the controls and operation of the system. There has been less downtime, but when it happens the customer service is quick to respond and the technician’s knowledge of the machinery is exceptional. We are very pleased with the product and excellent customer service!”

Charles Hensley, Quint-C Pallet, President


“The Pallet Machinery upgrade was an investment with return. We upgraded a duomatic in Jan 2017 and since then have achieved production rates on par with the turbo. More recently we brought in a used duo max and without any hesitation put the upgrade on that machine. That machine was up and running in no time. The system works. The controls are intuitive and our operators quickly grasped the logic. We’re also very satisfied with the customer service we’ve received from our contacts at Pallet Machinery. When issues arise (which in our case have been minimal) we get very prompt responses from Pallet Machinery. They know the machines, the computer and they can troubleshoot. Downtime has been virtually non-existent. We trust Pallet Machinery Group. I highly recommend the upgrade. Money well spent.”

Mike Leitzel A&L木材公司.


“Pallet Machinery Group continues to develop improved products for the market which allow us to improve our manufacturing operations. This aspect of the company along with their support and service after the sale is why we continue to grow our business with PMG.”

Dana Rector - Universal Forest Products Inc.


In 2018 we were searching for a product that would reduce or eliminate the mold problem we have every summer on our pallets. We sampled several products in the past, but each one had significant draw backs such as corrosion, environmental issues, or employee health concerns. We came across a new product called WoodLock at the Richmond Expo in 2018 and were intrigued by Pallet Machinery Group’s claims that it was safe to use, and prevented mold. We purchased a barrel of concentrated WoodLock towards the end of the 2018 summer season and used it on our pallets. We noticed an elimination of the mold, but given the time of year we were not convinced it was due to WoodLock. Early in the summer of 2019 we tested WoodLock by coating some pallets with WoodLock and not coating others in the same warehouse bay. We immediately saw the impact of WoodLock. The coated pallets had zero mold and the uncoated pallets started growing mold. Since that test we started coating our mold sensitive customers pallets with WoodLock. Our customer complaints about mold have been eliminated, WoodLock simply does what it says it will do.

Dennis Keyser - Gerrity Industries

Thank God for the M2L and the KA Notcher. Sawmills around here are not cutting because of people out sick and the only way we can keep up with orders is by cutting our own wood. I can’t imagine what we would do without it!

Ron Young - R B Pallet 服务 Inc.

Since the purchase of our first HY400 in 2016, this resaw has been the work horse of our operation. We were using only bandsaws prior to the HY400 and we struggled with keeping up with our own nailing machines. If we tried to push the bandsaws any faster, we dealt with thick and thin lumber along with sawdust and bearding on the lumber. The HY400’s dependability, sawing speed and cut accuracy have been instrumental to the growth of our company in both the precut market and our own pallet business. Our sales have more than doubled in 4 years, largely in part with the addition of this saw. We are now awaiting our second HY400, designed to cut random-width boards, to increase and expand our sawing capabilities for the precut markets. With the expertise of Pallet Machinery Group and the dependability of AIT 设备, we can rest easy knowing we have a strong and secure future in the Wooden Pallet Industry!


-Curtis Berry, Vice President, Berry Pallets, Waseca, MN